Workshops & Classes at the Merritt Center
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New Workshops & Classes
Support Group second and fourth Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm Starting when six register in Payson.

Life Transition? Job, Relationship, Family, Location?

Free Men Combat Vets Four Weekend Program
Free Weekends for Combat Women Vets
See Newsletter or vet page for dates; See On Line Workbook for Returning Vets; Free Basic Training for Life Program see Vet Page or Newsletter for dates

Wellness Weekends
and Individual Get-Aways

Couples Workshops

Exploring Workshops
Create Your Dream/Reorder Priorities, Kiatsu

Spiritual Workshops

Holiday Workshops

Community Workshops

Healing Touch Classes

Women's Workshops

Other Workshops
Working Weekend
Kiatsu Training
Empowerment Coaching
How to Create a Retreat Center