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New Classes & Workshops

Practical Meditation
Scheduled 3 days per each individual's schedule.

Experience customized meditation for your lifestyle.  $300 per person.


Life Transitions? Job, Relationship, Location, Family?
Get the most out of life and create the rest of your life!

Four days of one-on-one work including questing, journaling, and accepting the challenge to be who you choose to be and to make your dream come true! 3 days $360 double each 4 days: $480 single.


Support Group in Payson on second and fourth Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm, $10 donation when 6 sign up.

For those who seek to learn how to reduce stress with relaxation skills and be empowered to create your dream come true.

Call: 928 474 4268 for registrations Need six to schedule.


FREE: Four Retreats for Returning Combat Men and Women Vets: See Newsletter for dates of retreats

A Welcome Home Program of four free weekends or 7 days for Combat Vets. Come, Warrior, be welcomed home and then create a new shield of life with a COMBAT Vet as mentor. Experience ceremony, healing, creating your new life cycle. Funding by The Merritt Center and special donors to provide the experience pro bono for each vet.

Donors wishing to adopt a vet for $150 per weekend, please call for information. Applications are being accepted for returning vets now. Call for an application: 928 474 4268.


The Recovery Retreat

A safe space to be after treatment for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual trauma. A week (or multiple weeks) of quiet reflection to regroup and prepare to reenter the world with tools to support the new "person" in a new direction.

$440 for four nights, meals, snacks, beverages.
Healing Touch session: $75. Empowerment Coaching:  $75


Empowerment Coaching

This service provides an initial face-to-face interview (if locale permits) or an initial hour phone interview to clarify intentions and expectations for the coaching  relationship. Then an agreement is created by each party. The service fee is based on $75 per hour. An example of the service provided: A young woman faced with two alternative job offers needed a sounding  board to hear her feelings about each and was guided in a process to live in each alternative to assess how each met her needs. She was able to make the decision knowing she had walked through the  possibilities of each, selecting from a sense of power not neediness.