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The Merritt Center’s Returning Veteran Program provides Four Free Weekends at The Merritt Lodge in Payson, AZ.  Please see our Veteran Page to learn more about the program and access an application, or call (928) 474-4268 to obtain the latest Program schedule for men and women vets.

To find a support group to move you out of your isolation please check out  or your local church.  To find veterans you can share time with check out the VFW or the American Legion or other service organizations.

To find a  Grief Support Group please check with your local church, hospice or
Vet Center:

The Vet Centers provide readjustment counseling.  The VA provides marriage counseling, family issue counseling and Military Sexual Abuse counseling.

Some Organizations supporting Veterans are listed below:
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and
Department of Defense (DOD) PTSD Guideline:

Please see our disclaimer.*

*Disclaimer: This workbook presents only general, commonsense guidelines to assist military veterans and their families in managing and recovering from traumatic stress. These guidelines provide a broad spectrum of information to develop a strategic stress recovery program. The workbook contains instructions for actively combating the effects of traumatic stress and is NOT a substitute for traumatic stress control training. The principles in this workbook are not a form of psychotherapy nor a substitute for psychotherapy. The suggestions presented are not intended to cure physical or psychological disorders. Chronic or extreme stress might cause a wide assortment of physical and psychological problems, therefore evaluation and treatment by medical or mental health professionals is encouraged. When in doubt, seek advice from a professional. Many professional organizations are listed below.

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