The Merritt Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to education in renewal and empowerment, has created this Basic Training for Life Onlinie Workbook as a self-help process for returning veterans. Information that the Center has gained since 2005 when it began the Veterans Program is available to you, a returning veteran, or to family members of a returning veteran.

We are not associated with any government agency, nor are we a clinical/medical organization, nor a mental health organization. All our credentials come from our experience working with returning veterans and others in the midst of life transitions. The veterans themselves have taught us most of what we are sharing with you. Please see our disclaimer at the bottom of this page.*

How It Works

To begin the process, look at our menu of information on the left of the page and decide what you are most interested in exploring. Then click on that item in the menu. From there you will find other menus to lead you to more information.


The Merritt Center would like to thank all those who made this workbook possible.

Thanks to all the Merritt Center Volunteers.

Betty Merritt, gratefully thanks all those who read and made helpful comments as she was able to get the book from her mind into these pages to make her dream of providing a resource for renewal and empowerment to returning veterans come true.

*Disclaimer: This workbook is not a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological care for those experiencing significant emotional pain or whose ability to function at home, school or work is impaired. This workbook serves only for informational and educational purposes. Anyone needing assistance should contact helping professionals available through their base, fort, VA, or medical care facility.

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