Testimonials for Returning Combat Veterans Program

Men Vets’ Testimonials

"I came to the Merritt Center as a mentally exhausted, ready to end it all combat veterans. Through the dedicated efforts of Betty Merritt and the Vet Mentors, I was provided the opportunity and the knowledge to move forward in my journey of healing, and my life has been forever changed as I now truly enjoy this blessed life."


"It is a beautiful thing to be part of the healing that occurs at the Vet Retreat Program. The camaraderie and bonding that happened during the Death Arrow Release ceremony were profound. "


Women Vets’ Testimonials

"At the Merritt Center I’ve learned that it is safe to trust, accept, and value myself just the way I am, independent of what I do. I feel my own value more than at any other time in my life."


"The Merritt Center changed my life. When I first came here I had just gotten out of the VA psych ward for attempting suicide. The Merritt Center put me back on track, gave me the courage and energy to deal with my shit and empowered me to find my place and purpose in this world. I am myself again."


The environment provided by Betty Merritt and her colleagues at the Merritt Center is the perfect environment for soldiers who want to reflect on and explore their experiences from war. Betty Merritt and her colleagues have managed to design a center that provides a completely safe environment. It is entirely non-threatening and simply allows soldiers to come and hang-out with one another in an atmosphere of support, encouragement and exploration. Since safety is the primary foundation for self-exploration, the Merritt Center has evolved into the best possible center for soldiers. The programs offered are as loosely structured as they can be to allow for different people at different places in their self-exploration process. The family atmosphere is very non-threatening and conducive to trusting, sharing ideas, reflecting and going deeper into one's process of inner growth. Simply put, the Merritt Center provides a holding environment that attracts the individual and allows for a self-exploration process that seems to be evoked naturally by the sharing of communal meals, walks, talks, massages and other psychosomatic healing methods available. It provides the safety of a loving, trusting, and non-intrusive family environment devoid of any external or personal pressures. It is this non-threatening family environment that allows for such a deep sense of acceptance and safety that anyone within the environment can feel its healing effects. It is a powerful place to explore one's process of recovery and healing.

David Berceli
Stress Management & Trauma Recovery Consultant
435 W. Rio Salado Parkway # 101
Tempe, AZ 85281